1 in 5 children have difficulties with reading and writing



Dyslexia Action Centres

All Dyslexia Action Centres offer free half-hour consultations to parents and carers (please contact us for an appointment) as well as assessments, screenings, tuition and consultancy.

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Tel: 01252 792400

The first step? Look at the symptoms then come and see us for a consultation

Because dyslexia manifests itself in different ways in different individuals we always recommend an initial consultation in order to take gain a broad
vision of the potential challenges. The most common symptoms of dyslexia are problems encountered with any of the following:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Spelling
  • Maths
  • Study skills
  • Exam performance
  • Organisation
  • Memory

These problems can be manifested in the learning environment or in the workplace.  A thirty minute consultation is free to anyone who is on benefits. The consultation is with an experienced professional and is held directly with adults who think they may be dyslexic, or with parents who think their children may be dyslexic. We can then work together to see if an assessment is appropriate.

Consultations may take place by phone with clients anywhere in the UK or face to face.

“Our Parent Champions play a vital role because they understand the challenges Mums and Dads are facing. We’re not looking for experts. We’re looking for people who care. The dyslexia sector have come together to share expertise and good practice; we have a bank of resources, top tips and materials which can help. Share these with those that need it and you’ve already made a difference.”
Mel Byrne

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